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I recently blogged about the issues involved in encouraging and “measuring” discipleship in the local church. Several of you chimed in and, while we didn’t solve the problem, it was a great discussion.

At the time I knew about a tool that could revolutionize our approach, both as church leaders and individual believers, but I was sworn to secrecy. Now it’s in beta and I can blog about it!

Monvee is a new tool which some are calling “the eHarmony of spiritual formation.” Despite my annoyance with eHarmony, I’m willing to give this one a try. Monvee first discovers what’s unique about you with a short online survey: how you learn, the ways you grow, and the ways you like to connect with God. After this Discovery phase, it maps out a customized plan, or Roadway, with suggestions for growing in My Time, My Mind, My Experiences, and My Relationships. This plan would be great in itself, but the site also shows you where to start, links you with resources in each area, AND delivers the customized strategy to your email inbox. It can sync with your calendar, you can track your progress and connect with others online, and, if you take time to rate the resources, Monvee learns what works for you and further customizes its recommendations.

Best of all, the program is designed for use in the local church, so a staff team, a small group, or even the whole congregation can participate together and share the journey. Monvee also provides real-time reporting for church leaders so they can track the effectiveness of various programs.

The friends who introduced me to Monvee shared there’s a whole theological “back end” to the site, so it not only avoids generalized pat answers—“you need to journal”—it’s also more than a 2.0 way to sell products.

For years churches have wrestled with the best way to help their members grow. Small groups, church-wide Bible reading plans—despite the great intentions behind them, none are that effective. Even in-depth Bible study classes only go so far.

As John Ortberg says in the video below, disciples cannot be mass produced, they must be hand-crafted.  Monvee helps us take responsibility for our own spiritual growth while leaving room for The Potter to work with us individually…….and I really doubt it will recommend you build a relationship with someone who can’t match his clothes.

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  1. Can I as an individual participate in the beta program? I am currently part of a team in our congregation to help members discover their spiritual gifts, but before moving our church toward Monvee, I’d like to explore it myself.

    Comment by Karen Fenter | March 30, 2009 | Reply

    • This seems like an approach that has more depth than other sources. So please – I want to give this a try.

      Comment by Nellie Engeler | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’m thinking no, as they have been pretty consistent about talking about the 125 churches they’re focusing on in the beta. But I could be wrong–best to contact them directly. http://monvee.com/Marketing/Contact.aspx

    Comment by Jennifer | March 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. I find Monvee a little alarming. This product does a pretty good job of promoting itself & asking detailed information without really disclosing much about what really happens – does it work?
    We’ve got no information about the metrics they use for analysis or the spiritual growth resources they direct us to. Nor do we have a real testimonial about how Monvee benefitted someone’s real life.
    And finally, Monvee feels to me like it’s nominally there to help us, but the goal is really to sell a product-very tricky ground in Biblical living. (I’ve heard, whether true or not, that one of Monvee’s funders is the publishing house Zondervan.)
    My guess is that there’s something here that’s helpful-namely the organization of personality diagnostic tools & resource materials. But I feel cautious about the sales pitch. Is Monvee here to help us or make a profit?

    Comment by danafr4 | May 7, 2009 | Reply

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